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Display Cases You Can Build:

There's nothing more satisfying than building something that can be put to use right away. Display Cases You Can Build contains complete step-by-step photos, material lists and construction plans for 11 attractive cabinets.

These projects require only basic woodworking tools and can be used to show off a variety of collectibles, including dolls, records, dishes and curios. Finished pieces range from large, room-dividing wall cabinets to wall-mounted display cases. You will be able to show off your favorite objects to the world in custom-made displays of their own creation.



Halifax Sunday Daily News

Normally we would do our woodworking book review in December but we have found that some of the books that we reviewed in previous years had to be ordered by the bookstores and that would take a few weeks. By having the review now, you should still have time to get the books before Christmas.

Here we go: Danny Proulx is one of Canada's foremost cabinetmakers and a prolific writer on the subject with this, his sixth book. The title of his new book is Display Cases You Can Build and is published by Popular Woodworking Books. Just about everyone has something that they want to display. You may have a collection of curios or antique guns, your favourite chinaware, Dresden figurines or other collectables. Whatever they may be I'm sure that you will find a display cabinet in Danny's book that will do them justice. 

There is a display case that will beautifully show off that model plane, ship or car that you are so proud of. There is even a cabinet that will double as an entertainment center while displaying that prized collection.

There are 11 display cases in the 128 page book and each one is fully illustrated in colour and Danny's simple, easy-to-follow instructions make building them a snap for the home woodworker. Danny takes you through the process with detailed exploded views.

--Graham McCulloch, Halifax Sunday Daily News, November 24, 2002


Review by Woodworker Dan Madill


The introduction is inspiring to all woodworkers encouraging them to try different techniques found throughout the projects throughout the book.

PHOTOGRAPHY: The colour photography is exceptional, justifying the cost of the book alone. I personally will pay more for a book with colour photographs. There is something about colour and depth perception that go hand in hand. The close up shots are helpful and a must for everyone from beginner to advanced woodworker. TIP: The "tip" boxes are a real neat idea and are full of interesting "tidbits". A good example is on page 44 of the publication about reducing swollen biscuits.


The construction notes found throughout the book are not only interesting but a great learning tool for the woodworker.  It tells the reader to be imaginative, and think " outside the box". The use of alternative methods for each project is clearly explained. A good example is on page 88 where the author gives readers the option to change the upper section side boards for a frame, which would in turn support glass panels.


The materials list is the first I've seen in Imperial and Metric measurement, but also colour coded for thickness, width and length. This reviewer would like to see that format continued in any subsequent publications. The colour coding helps prevent confusion as far as cutting goods to their proper dimension.


It's nice to have access to the same sources as the author, as many people have no idea were to obtain supplies in bulk. I know myself it was a learning experience, and continues to be one as far as finding a reliable source for good quality hardware and other products.




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Comments From Readers:

I think your book was an excellent investment and I am enjoying the simplicity of the wood joints.

Tony Gaydusek

Thanks for writing such a great book and providing me with a valuable resource for entering into the realm of cabinetmaking.  Take care! 

Sam Paul