Danny Proulx 1947-2004

Danny Proulx 1947-2004

Danny Proulx 1947-2004

Hello fellow cabinet makers, my name is Luc Rousseau, I would like to take this opportunity to welcome and thank you for visiting my website cabinetmaking.com. Rideau Cabinets was formely launched by the late Danny Proulx cabinetmaker/teacher and a good friend of mine.

Danny Proulx – The Teacher

It all started a decade ago in the spring of 2003. I had gone back to college to fine tune my skills of 20 years + in the woodworking trades, and in my 3rd semester I was fortunate enough to meet Danny Proulx, the teacher.

Little did I know at that time, it would change my professional life. I’m now a high school woodworking teacher, and I owe it all to Danny.  As a tribute to him I wish  to pass on to my students, his knowledge, patience and strong work ethic.

Danny Proulx – The Writer and Businessman

Danny was a passionate woodworker and cabinet maker, Danny was also a prolific writer. For over 15 years, Danny shared his skills through his books, magazine articles and website advice. He combined both his father’s skills as a cabinetmaker with those of his mother’s as a pro photographer and wrote over a dozen books. His readers are unanimous in saying that Danny’s clear and concise style of writing allows them to enjoy making his woodworking projects. Many readers often say, “It’s like having him beside you in the shop”. His step by step books,stress not only shop safety but a variety of cost savings tips.

Danny was a savvy businessman, and understood the reality of having a budget. His motto was “Keep it simple” an approach that made him successful in every aspect of his work. Simple projects, with easy to find materials, quality hardware, great close-up photos and cut-list both imperial and metric. Each project starts with an overview of the overall process.

Cabinetmaking.com – Today

Danny setup this website to provide additional resources, to his readers and followers. I want to keep sharing with you the readers what Danny has taught me as well as my own experience. You will find links throughout this site to Danny’s books and other related info.  If you have any questions please free to email at luc(at)cabinetmaking.com and I will respond at my earliest convenience.

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